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Who Are We
The Line

Lesbian line has been going around 20 years, in various guises.

We are not part of any other group and act independently.
A collective of volunteers run the Wednesday night telephone help-line and drop-in.

Many women of all ages have been through our doors - we will always welcome you - drop in.

The Line was established to help women who are questioning their sexuality and who seek a safe and confidential environment in which to access support from lesbians. The telephone helpline is seen as the main priority, although the drop-in is recognised as an important opportunity for lesbians to find out about other events.

Remember not everyone is out - if you see someone from any of the Lesbian Line events, be aware that they may not be out.

We pride ourselves in our confidentiality - it is understood that anything that is said at the line is totally confidential.

First-name-only policy applies.

Our confidentiality policy applies to all methods of communication, including email and telephone.

Our Rules of Conduct

Northampton Lesbian Line rules are written to ensure that the group runs smoothly and is a safe space for all lesbian women and those questioning their sexuality. They are reviewed by the collective on an ongoing basis.

The collective is a confidential space and this is only possible with your help. Please try to avoid discussing what was said during the drop in, or who attended, when you are not at drop-in sessions. In public we will respect your confidentiality and we ask you to respect ours. Personal details should be kept to yourself if given to you.
We use first name terms only and you should not give your mobile phone number out unless you really want to.
As far as possible we will keep what you tell us confidential. There may be times, however, when it might be necessary to pass information to other agencies, for example, in issues relating to child protection or if you would like to be referred to another service.
We will usually endeavour to obtain your written consent before any personal information is passed outside of the organisation. However there may be exceptional circumstances where information may be disclosed such as: threatening behaviour, threats of violence, abuse, actual violence or suspected child abuse. We may inform you if we pass information to an outside agency.

You must respect others opinions, backgrounds and difference.
You must not barrack or intimidate anyone at the drop-in.
You must be polite and respectful at all times. It helps to talk.
Please tell us if you are having problems with other members of the group, we want this to be a space where everyone can feel safe, but we can’t do this unless you talk about any problems you have within the group. You can ask a collective member to mediate or chat with you about the issue in a 1-2-1.

We will often hold discussions on issues relevant to lesbians. There is no obligation to take part in these if you don’t want to although they are a good way to get to know other group members and break the ice!

Our drop in centre is an alcohol and illegal drugs free zone. Anyone who appears under the influence of drink or drugs will be asked to leave.
The collective reserve the right to refuse entry. Visitors to the drop-in are expected to adhere to our code of conduct.
If the Collective becomes concerned that an individual service user's presence affects the benefit of the group sessions for other users, the collective may decide to offer one-to-one support to this individual.
If any individual’s behaviour is contrary to the code of conduct they may be asked to leave. A person who is asked to leave on three separate occasions may be excluded permanently.

Our drop in centre is a no smoking building. There is a designated smoking area outside. Please dispose of your cigarette butts sensibly.

Mobile Phones
Mobile phones are allowed but their use should be discrete during the drop-in.

Any trouble
Any allegations of abuse or misconduct can be submitted in writing to either a collective member or a relevant body.

Information we may keep
This includes any information we might put into our written records. We keep written records about the group in order to improve the service that we offer.
We are committed to ensuring that any personal information collected is only used for specific purposes and that no more is collected than is actually needed.
This information is always where possible anonymous and kept in a secure location, only Lesbian Line Collective members will have access to these notes.